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In most cases orders are shipping in first working day. In some cases shipment may be delayed up to 3 working days. Parcels that will be deilvered by cargo are packed with durable and strong black plastic bag. For parcels that will be delivered by forwarding company (Ambar), we are packaging in box and gunny bag.

You may select one of available options for your delivery.

I have my own code: If you have your own delivery agreement or a code created on one of following platforms like Shopier, Dolap, Trendyol etc. you can select this option. In this case, shipping cost will not be added to your order. Please send us your code via email. 

MNG Cargo: We are sending via MNG Cargo by using a code created on Shopier platform. We recommend using this option up to 150 pairs. Over 150 pairs, this option may be expensive. In case MNG Cargo has overload or problem with branch, we will deliver your package with Yurtiçi Cargo without any additional cost.  

Sending with forwarding company (Ambar): This option is valid for over 100 pairs orders. This option is cheaper than others however delivery time may be longer and tracking is not available. We are delivering with Ege Ambarı company to following cities: İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Ankara, Konya and Antalya. If you have your own Ambar company that you work with, please share your details via email so that we can deliver using them.